Kids These Days will be uplifted to know that on Monday a trailer for Playstation's "MLB The Show 18" dropped into the loving arms of the internet. Without further pomp, here it is: 

In lieu of actual baseball, this will do nicely. As is the case with each subsequent release, the visuals look a little better, a little more lifelike. This scribe would in particular like to shout-out the abundance of cleat indentations found on the mounds and batter's boxes of this particular digital universe. 

Also spotted? Babe Ruth in a batting helmet: 

Babe Ruth, wearing a batting helmet, and calling his own shot in the latest 'MLB The Show 18' trailer. 'MLB The Show 18' screengrab

Hey, if you're going to go to trouble of transporting Mr. Ruth from the grave and across time, then he can at least play by the rules. So he's wearing batting helmet and by implication eschewing free agency. At least in current day and age he can just go to the liquor store instead of making bathtub gin in his hotel room. 

Anyhow, "MLB The Show 18" hits the shelves on March 27, so please form an orderly internet queue