Since Marshawn Lynch isn't allowed to practice with the Raiders this week due to his one-game suspension, Beast Mode decided to pass the time by practicing with another team. 

Earlier this week, Lynch showed up at his high school alma mater, Oakland Tech, where he put on some pads and started practicing with the school's football team. And since this is Lynch we're talking about, you know he didn't take it easy on the high school kids because Lynch doesn't take it easy on anyone. 

Just keep workin it will happen no matter what!!!!Yes lawd!!!!

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Although the kids probably had a blast practicing with Lynch, the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) isn't a big fan of having NFL players randomly show up and participating in practice. Actually, they really don't want any adults participating in practice. 

After Lynch's cameo at practice, the CIF told TMZ that Lynch's appearance at Oakland Tech's practice was a violation of state high school rules. According to the CIF, "only 9th through 12th grade students may practice with or compete on a high school team."

The Oakland Unified School District also made it clear that Lynch's participation went against the state's rules. 

"[Marshawn's] participation in the practice did not comply with Oakland Athletic League's rules and regulations," the district said in a statement to TMZ. "Site administration did not receive prior notice that Lynch would be attending an after school practice."

Although it's possible that members of the school's coaching staff could face punishment for inviting Lynch, there's been no discipline handed out so far. The only punishment in this situation came from the bruised high school bodies that Beast Mode probably left in his path. 

As for the Raiders, Lynch didn't violate any NFL rules with his participation, so no one there seemed to think it was a big deal that he showed up at a high school practice. 

"I know that he loves football and he's a football junkie I wouldn't expect anything different," Raiders offensive coordinator Todd Downing said of the situation, via "We're excited to go put on a good showing with Buffalo and meet up with him after that."

The Raiders are traveling to Buffalo for a game against Lynch's former team on Sunday. Lynch was selected by the Bills with the 12th overall pick in the 2007 NFL Draft, but he won't get to face his former team because he was suspended one game for pushing a ref in Week 7