Congratulations, your favorite NFL team is the proud new owner of a Blake Bell! Now, as the owner of this latest model of Blake Bell, you're probably wondering what he can do for you. Luckily for you, we're here to tell you all about this new Blake Bell of yours. 

So let's get to learning.

Who the heck is he? 

Blake is a tight end out of Oklahoma, but in truth he's so much more than that.

Oh yeah? Like what?

Well, his career at Oklahoma actually began as a quarterback, and he worked in short yardage and red zone situations. He quickly became known as The Belldozer for his running style. That running style essentially just being a very big human plowing into other large humans and pushing them out of his way. You can do that when you're 6-foot-6 and 252 pounds. 

It's because of this style that Bell became quite the fan favorite of Oklahoma fans, and just college football fans in general. 

Well that sounds pretty cool ... do you have any highlights?

Of course we have highlights, it's 2015 and you're on the Internet.

Wow, there are a lot of touchdowns in that video. How many did he score at Oklahoma?

Bell accounted for a total of 40 touchdowns at Oklahoma. He threw 12, ran for another 24, and caught four as a tight end his senior season. He also made three tackles in his career.

Can I follow him on Twitter?  

You sure can, but we have to say it's not the most exciting Twitter account in the world. He doesn't tweet that often, and when he does it's typically just for promotional purposes. So at least he probably won't be getting in any trouble for something he says.

Do you think he'll be any good in the NFL?

I think it'll likely depend on how he's used. He's only spent one season as a tight end, so he's still a little raw there, but he has great size and excellent athleticism. So put him in the right situations, and give him some time and he might turn out to be a steal.

Blake Bell can do a lot of different things for the NFL team that drafts him
Blake Bell can do a lot of different things for the NFL team that drafts him. (USATSI)