Defensive tackle Jesse Williams came to Alabama last season as one of the top junior college recruits in the country. He performed solidly in his first season for the Tide, starting 13 games while collecting 24 tackles and four tackles for loss.

But while the 6-4, 320-pounder has yet to establish himself as one of college football's top defensive linemen--something that may well come to pass this season--it's probably a safe bet to say that he's one of the strongest.

According to tweets from his teammates, the native of Brisbane, Australia, (Twitter handle: @ThaMonstar) recently bench pressed 600 pounds during summer workouts.

That's equivalent to about 130,000 shrimps on the barbie. writer Matt Scalici gave the achievement a bit more football perspective.  By comparison:

...former Memphis star Dontari Poe, the top bench press performer at this year's NFL Combine, maxed out at 500 pounds on the bench press.

While Williams' feat of strength has created a lot of buzz on the internet, drawing praise from teammates and fans alike, at least one Alabama player wasn't too thrilled.

"I have to block that," tweeted All-American center Barrett Jones.