The drumbeat is getting louder for Baylor to release the full report of an independent investigation into sexual assaults committed by some members of the football program.

Baylor's alumni association on Thursday called for the school to release the full investigative file compiled by Pepper Hamilton, which the university only disseminated in brief as a Findings of Fact shared by the school late last week.

A press release by the Baylor Line Foundation distributed online states: "The Baylor Family deserves an unvarnished, complete accounting of the facts about how these events were handled."

The foundation is the second major entity to call for the full report to be released. Former Baylor president Ken Starr called for a full release on Wednesday.

"I called for transparency from Day 1," Starr said.

It's been a week since the school released the Findings of Fact based on Pepper Hamilton's report. The 13-page document seemed to be a summary with few specifics and no names.

That same day a week ago, Baylor fired football coach Art Briles, sanctioned athletic director Ian McCaw and reassigned Starr from his role as president to chancellor. Since then, McCaw and Starr have both resigned, though Starr remains at Baylor as a law professor.

Thursday's posting says the Findings of Fact "is a list of conclusions reached by the Baylor Board of Regents. The Board of Regents is to be commended for acknowledging that the institution bears responsibility for a gut wrenching series of failings. But without a detailed explanation of the facts, the Board's release falls far short of the level of transparency that the Baylor Family -- and the people directly affected -- deserve."

The Baylor Line further questioned the series of recommended changes and how Baylor and Pepper Hamilton arrived at those resolutions.

Baylor needs to release the full Pepper Hamilton report, alumni say. USATSI