Division I athletic directors inspired by the national outcry for social justice have formed the Black AD Alliance.

In a press release announcing its existence this week, the group of approximately 55 athletic directors said it is "committed to promoting the growth, development and elevation of Black athletics administrators at the Division I level."

There are 347 Division I schools, meaning less than 16% currently have Black administrators.

The alliance and its co-chairs -- Allen Greene of Auburn and Brandon Martin of Missouri-Kansas City -- fills a void for minority representation in Division I athletics. Both the Black Coaches Association and National Association for Coaching Equity and Development have disappeared in recent years.

Greene has been at Auburn since 2018. Prior to that, he was AD at the University of Buffalo. Martin is a former senior associate AD at Oklahoma.

"[The alliance] evolved with some people just talking and wanting to provide support for one another," Greene said. "It turned into a group that wants to make a group for others."

The alliance hopes to partner with NCAA senior leadership to create opportunities for Division I Black athletic administrators. It also wants to support racial and social justice while advocating for the welfare of Black student-athletes.