If EA Sports gets its way, you won't have to rely on old versions of the "NCAA Football" video game to get you through the summer. Or on our hypothetical "NCAA Football" position ratings, which you can see here and here courtesy of shameless plugs.

According to one EA executive, the beloved, defunct video game is bound to make a comeback sooner or later.

"One day, I know we'll be back," said EA's Chief Competition Officer Peter Moore in an interview with IGN.

The last edition of the franchise was "NCAA Football 14." By that time, both EA and the NCAA (along with Collegiate Licensing Company) were at the center of major litigation started by former college athletes demanding compensation for the use of their likeness. Eventually, the legal process rolled into the more all-encompassing Ed O'Bannon antitrust case. In the fallout of NCAA Football's demise, players began receiving checks for the use of their likeness.

"What happened is 'NCAA Football' became the lightning rod for bigger issues regarding college athletes getting paid for their performances, not only in football, but all college sports," Moore said.

There have been passing rumors that "NCAA Football" was making a comeback, but this is the most concrete evidence that such hopes will come to fruition. Exactly when that will happen, though, is unknown.

"NCAA Football" is indeed missed, and it will be a great day if/when it returns. But if it does make a comeback, it needs to do so under the right -- and legal -- circumstances.