The annual Harvard-Yale football game Saturday was briefly delayed due to protesters on the field at the Yale Bowl. The protest, which caused a 48-minute delay, began following the second quarter of the game at the Yale Bowl when more than 150 people stormed the field with signs. The protesters, led by students and alumni of both schools, were demanding the colleges stop funding of fossil fuel companies.

According to the Guardian, students began campaigning in 2012 for both schools to stop investing in oil, gas and coal companies that contribute to the climate crisis. "They believe that they can engage with these companies and get them to change their fundamentally extractive business models, which we think comes from a place of naivety amounting to gross negligence," Yale student Nora Heaphy told the Guardian. 

The activists believe that if the universities divest from companies associated with fossil fuels, other institutions will follow.

 Specialists were warming up on the field during the protest. According to ESPNU's broadcast, police peacefully escorted protesters off the field, with some asking to be arrested. The police escorted protestors off the field two at a time, as they were banded together in pairs. 

Harvard led 15-3 at halftime. The delayed might have woken up the offenses. Yale (9-1, 6-1) rallied to win 50-43 in double-overtime and clinched a share of the Ivy League title with Dartmouth. Harvard and Yale play every year in one of college football's most storied rivalries.