Oklahoma announced in November that it would be the latest to join the growing Jordan Brand representation on the college football field. The move follows Michigan and North Carolina and coincides with Florida, which will also be making its Jordan Brand debut on the gridiron this fall. 

On Monday, the school unveiled OUJordan.com, a website to promote the move, offer a glimpse at the gear and provide fans an opportunity to purchase official Jordan-branded Oklahoma gear. The Sooners also released a teaser video showing the "new" uniforms, which outside of the Jumpman patch do look very similar to the Nike uniforms we've seen them wearing in recent years. 

Bringing on blue-blood programs like Oklahoma and Florida is not only an expansion deeper into college football but part of Jordan's evolution from a basketball-exclusive brand. Jordan is still an extension of Nike and much of the technology involved in creating these uniforms is shared, so we shouldn't expect any big changes, stylistically at least, with the move. There's excitement about what might come in the future for OU and Jordan, but the starting point in the partnership will not be too different from the Nike uniforms we've seen in recent years. 

"I'm excited to see how our partnership evolves," Oklahoma coach Lincoln Riley told CBS Sports in late 2017. "If you've kept up with Jordan Brand and look back to where it started, it began as shoes. They've really evolved and I think it's pretty cool that they've jumped in with a few very select college football programs.

"It will be great to see where we all evolve from this. We'll be at the forefront of making sure our players have the best, trying new things, new ideas, and leading the charge as far as that race. I think it's the start of something special and it's going to be a great journey together."