Ken Starr, who previously served as Baylor's president before being reassigned to chancellor, has told ESPN's Joe Schad that he is resigning from that position.

Per Schad, Starr is stepping down as "a matter of conscience." Mark Schlabach of ESPN adds that Starr will remain a professor at Baylor's law school.

Speaking on ESPN's Outside the Lines hours after the report, Starr maintained he was ignorant to the allegations and incidents of sexual assault, noting specifically the violence was off-campus where drinking is allowed:

Starr also said Baylor was "unapologetically Christian" and "that is why these episodes of sexual violence are so grievous."

As if, somehow, that makes any difference.

Additionally, Starr continued to praise former Bears head coach Art Briles, calling him "a father figure."

If it was possible for Starr to look even worse than he already did, he certainly found a way. In claiming his ignorance to the incidents of abuse, Starr appears more ignorant in his understanding of how these things transpire.

Last week, Baylor released a 13-page Findings of Fact documenting the school's failures in dealing with allegations of assault involving members of the football team. The findings stem from Pepper Hamilton's independent investigation of the school and athletic department.

In response to Hamilton's findings, Baylor suspended Briles with intent to terminate. Starr was reassigned and athletic director Ian McCaw was sanctioned and placed on probation. Earlier this week, Baylor announced McCaw had resigned, but not before hiring former Jim Grobe as acting head coach for the 2016 season.

Dan Wolken of USA Today also reported two additional Baylor football staffers had been fired.

In smaller college towns like Waco, Texas, the world revolves around the football team. USATSI