Oklahoma State has won six straight games and is in the thick of the Big 12 title race, needing wins at TCU and against Oklahoma to clinch at least a share of the claim to being the league's "One True Champion." Their Big 12 title, and playoff hopes hang in the balance -- just like the fate of Mike Gundy's incredible mullet.

The hairstyle -- named perfectly by the coach himself as the "Arkansas Waterfall" -- has added a fun wrinkle to a wild Oklahoma State season. Mason Rudoph has the Cowboys' offense averaging nearly 10 yards per play in the last two wins, making that controversial loss to Central Michigan a distant memory. All through the season though, Gundy has let his hair flow.

Not everyone is a fan of the hair, and Mike Gundy's own son apparently is one of the mullet's detractors. A recent family bargain put the fate of Gundy's hair in the hands of his son: a 91 on a recent test would result in a haircut, but Gundy's son received an 88.

At Big 12 Media Day this summer, Gundy would not commit to the "mullet" certification for his hair. A real mullet, Gundy asserted, is shoulder length and "has curls." Recent photos suggest we're getting awfully close, and if Gundy's son doesn't get his grades up, we might see this flow really flourish in November.

Mike Gundy's awesome hair. USATSI

Long live the Arkansas Waterfall.