On Wednesday, The Athletic's Nicole Auerbach reported that the College Football Playoff committee is looking at the possibility of expanding to eight teams. Given that Alabama has made every playoff and the Big Ten has been left out of the last two, there is a large group of people who believe that the change is necessary. However, what's the best way to do it without leaving deserving teams out?

UCF is the team with the biggest current gripe on the system. For the second straight year, they'll play an SEC team in LSU in a New Year's 6 bowl game. If the SEC team wins, it proves what everyone thought all along, whereas if LSU loses, it just proves that LSU wasn't that good. UCF has already deemed itself the national champion once, and they definitely won't be scared to do it again if they beat the Tigers. Everyone has a way to "fix" the CFP, so we'll see what comes of these talks.

On Wednesday's "Off the Bench," Danny Kanell and guest host Brady Quinn talk about the meetings and discuss what could happen. They give their way of creating an eight-team playoff in a way that's fair, and they talk about why the changes have to be made.

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