Will Muschamp is not here for your silly holiday shenanigans. This is rivalry week and he will not let South Carolina's players skip any practice time to stuff their faces when there's preparation to be had for Clemson.

When asked about the Gamecocks' practicing on Thursday morning, Muschamp explained his thoughts on what Thanksgiving means.

"We've got practice in the morning," Muschamp told reporters on Tuesday. "We'll be in here early. It's awesome. Thanksgiving is a meal. It's not a day. We're going to have a great meal and then we're going to watch a little tape, then maybe watch a little more tape."

People will get mad about this, and there's some justification to that. The problem is Muschamp has to learn how to brand things better.

You can't call it "practice" on Thanksgiving morning. That sounds too business-like and like the kids are being kept from celebrating the holiday.

If Muschamp had called it a morning "Turkey Bowl for the Gamecocks football family" instead of "practice" then the reaction would be totally different.