Week 19 Fantasy Pitching Planner

We go around baseball's rotations every Sunday of the season in our weekly Pitching Planner. We highlight every matchup, recommended two-start options, sleepers and busts and much more. The means we consider them a recommended start. The means we suggest you consider a replacement option.

Arizona Diamondbacks

  1. Dan Haren vs LAD Kershaw
  2. Jon Garland vs NYM Perez
  3. Doug Davis vs NYM Pelfrey, vs LAD Wolf
  4. Max Scherzer vs NYM Hernandez
  5. Yusmeiro Petit vs LAD Kuroda
This week's two-start pitchers
Must-start TM Start% Own%
Edwin Jackson DET 94 81
Gavin Floyd CHW 95 80
Rich Harden CHC 96 80
Joba Chamberlain NYY 96 78
Matt Garza TB 96 78
J.A. Happ PHI 88 70
Rick Porcello DET 62 36
Advisable TM Start% Own%
John Danks CHW 93 69
Jorge De La Rosa COL 73 55
Randy Wolf LA 86 53
Hiroki Kuroda LA 69 52
Chris Volstad FLA 74 52
Jonathan O. Sanchez SF 66 46
Nick Blackburn MIN 66 41
Mike Pelfrey NYM 64 41
Braden Looper MIL 31 20
Tom Gorzelanny CHC 28 21
Questionable TM Start% Own%
Johnny Cueto CIN 86 50
Doug Davis ARI 48 33
John Lannan WAS 49 33
Kyle Lohse STL 54 30
Ross Ohlendorf PIT 28 18
Gio Gonzalez OAK 24 15
Clayton Richard SD 27 14
Rick VandenHurk FLA 16 12
Trevor Cahill OAK 23 7
Sean O'Sullivan ANA 11 6
Justin Lehr CIN 9 6
Aaron Laffey CLE 8 5
Luke French SEA 6 4
Sergio Mitre NYY 6 2
Dustin Nippert TEX 3 2
High-risk TM Start% Own%
Roy Oswalt HOU 97 55
Brad Penny BOS 61 36
Marc Rzepczynski TOR 18 9
Jeremy Guthrie BAL 27 14
Junichi Tazawa BOS 11 3
Brian Moehler HOU 8 5
Kyle Davies KC 8 2
Doug Fister SEA 0 0

Two-starter(s): Davis. He is a questionable option because of the second matchup and the fact the D-Backs don't make him a consistent winner.
Who is getting skipped: None. They have a Thursday off day, but we don't see a reason to skip the recently hot Petit.
One-week sleeper: Davis. He draws a favorable first matchup that could lure you to use him in deeper mixed leagues.
One-week bust: Petit. He had been hot, but you likely still shouldn't trust him vs. the Dodgers.

Atlanta Braves

  1. Javier Vazquez vs PHI Happ
  2. Derek Lowe vs WAS Stammen
  3. Jair Jurrjens vs PHI Hamels
  4. Tommy Hanson vs WAS Lannan
  5. Kenshin Kawakami vs PHI Moyer

Two-starter(s): None. The Braves play just five games.
Who is getting skipped: None. Kawakami could be skipped out of the Phillies series, though. Hanson would move up to get a second start in that event. He is a must-start option regardless.
One-week sleeper: None. The top four are advisable starts, while the last one ...
One-week bust: Kawakami. He is a risky option vs. the Phillies, especially since he could be skipped to get Hanson to pitch in the crucial Phillies series.

Baltimore Orioles

  1. Jeremy Guthrie vs OAK Gonzalez, vs LAA O'Sullivan
  2. Chris Tillman vs LAA Weaver
  3. Brian Matusz vs LAA Lackey
  4. David Hernandez vs OAK Cahill
  5. Jason Berken vs OAK Mazzaro

Two-starter(s): Guthrie. He is a risky option even in AL-only leagues at this point.
Who is getting skipped: None. They have a Thursday off day but there is no reason to skip Tillman, Matusz or Guthrie after it, barring injury.
One-week sleeper: Hernandez. He has been bad his past two times out, but it was nothing but quality starts before that. Take a chance on him in that matchup.
One-week bust: Matusz. He was beat up Sunday by the Blue Jays and is a risky play against the contending Angels.

Boston Red Sox

  1. Josh Beckett vs DET Galarraga
  2. Jon Lester at TEX Millwood
  3. Brad Penny vs DET Jackson, at TEX Holland
  4. Clay Buchholz vs DET Verlander
  5. Junichi Tazawa vs DET Porcello, at TEX Nippert

Two-starter(s): Penny and likely Tazawa. They are risky options with those matchups and the way they have pitched recently.
Who is getting skipped: None.
One-week sleeper: Tazawa. Despite the walk-off homer Friday, we still see him getting Tuesday's start and proving effective for deeper leagues. Michael Bowden was bad last time out and would have to start on short rest.
One-week bust: Penny. He is too difficult to trust in any league right now. Use him at your own risk.

Chicago Cubs

  1. Ryan Dempster vs PHI Blanton
  2. Rich Harden vs PHI Happ, vs PIT Ohlendorf
  3. Randy Wells vs PIT Morton
  4. Tom Gorzelanny at COL De La Rosa, vs PIT Duke
  5. Jeff Samardzija vs PHI Lee

Two-starter(s): Harden and Gorzelanny. They are likely advisable in all leagues.
Who is getting skipped: None.
One-week sleeper: Gorzelanny. He debuted nicely and gets a pair of favorable matchups. He could be a winner for Fantasy owners in any format down the stretch.
One-week bust: Samardzija. He figures to be on a tight pitch count and has a very tough matchup. Consider him a sleeper going forward, but don't trust him this week.

Chicago White Sox

  1. Mark Buehrle at SEA Hernandez
  2. John Danks at SEA TBD, at OAK Cahill
  3. Gavin Floyd at SEA French, at OAK Gonzalez
  4. Jose Contreras at OAK Anderson
  5. Vacant

Two-starter(s): Floyd and Danks. They are at least advisable in all leagues.
Who is getting skipped: Carlos Torres or D.J. Carrasco. Neither No. 5 starter option will be making a start in Fantasy Week 19 (Aug. 10-16). The White Sox intend on going with a four-man rotation until Aug. 18.
One-week sleeper: None. The top three are advisable options and the No. 4 ...
One-week bust: Contreras. He hasn't been pitching consistently enough to trust even in that favorable matchup.

Cincinnati Reds

  1. Aaron Harang vs WAS Mock
  2. Bronson Arroyo vs WAS Balester
  3. Johnny Cueto at STL Lohse, vs WAS Martin
  4. Justin Lehr at STL Wellemeyer, vs WAS Lannan
  5. Homer Bailey at STL Carpenter

Two-starter(s): Cueto and Lehr. They are useful in deeper leagues, but we actually might advise you sit Cueto in favor or Lehr because of the opposite directions they are headed in.
Who is getting skipped: None.
One-week sleeper: Lehr. He has been lights out and is a decent flier in deeper mixed leagues.
One-week bust: Cueto. He has been getting hammered of late and likely shouldn't be used unless out of necessity right now.

Cleveland Indians

  1. Fausto Carmona vs TEX Hunter
  2. Justin Masterson at MIN Pavano
  3. David Huff at MIN Baker
  4. Jeremy Sowers vs TEX Feldman
  5. Aaron Laffey vs TEX Nippert, at MIN Blackburn

Two-starter(s): Laffey. He is coming off a gem and might be able to turn the corner. Take a chance on him in deeper leagues.
Who is getting skipped: None.
One-week sleeper: Masterson. He figures to be a must-start in most leagues going forward now.
One-week bust: Huff. He is the only Indians starter we would advise not taking a shot on right now.

Colorado Rockies

  1. Aaron Cook at FLA VandenHurk
  2. Ubaldo Jimenez vs PIT Hart
  3. Jason Marquis vs PIT Maholm
  4. Jason Hammel at FLA Johnson
  5. Jorge De La Rosa vs CHC Gorzalanny, at FLA Volstad
  6. Jhoulys Chacin or Josh Fogg vs PIT Ohlendorf

Two-starter(s): De La Rosa. The Phillies ended his streak, but we still would trust him in deeper mixed leagues this week.
Who is getting skipped: Cook. He has a lingering toe issue, so he will miss his Tuesday start and return to the rotation Saturday. We like Chacin long term, but he isn't stretched out enough to trust him in his spot start.
One-week sleeper: De La Rosa. Those teams aren't the Phillies, but they aren't slouches either. We are willing to look past his bad outing against the Phillies.
One-week bust: Cook. He is difficult to trust, especially since he could be a DL candidate. They said he will make his start at Florida, but they also previously said he was going to make his Tuesday start, too.

Detroit Tigers

  1. Justin Verlander at BOS Buchholz
  2. Edwin Jackson at BOS Penny, vs KC Hochevar
  3. Rick Porcello at BOS Tazawa, vs KC Davies
  4. Jarrod Washburn vs KC Greinke
  5. Armando Galarraga at BOS Beckett

Two-starter(s): Jackson and Porcello. They are must-starts in all leagues.
Who is getting skipped: None.
One-week sleeper: Washburn. Look past his bad start last time out and his tough opposing pitcher and keep him active.
One-week bust: Galarraga. He wasn't as bad last time out, but we don't like his chances in that matchup this week.

Florida Marlins

  1. Josh Johnson vs COL Hammel
  2. Ricky Nolasco vs HOU Norris
  3. Chris Volstad vs HOU Oswalt, vs COL De La Rosa
  4. Rick VandenHurk vs HOU Moehler, vs COL Cook
  5. Sean West vs HOU Hampton

Two-starter(s): Volstad and VandenHurk. Volstad is advisable in all leagues still, while VandenHurk is more of a questionable option coming off his lone bad start to date.
Who is getting skipped: None.
One-week sleeper: VandenHurk. You could use him out of necessity in deeper leagues. He was real good before last time out.
One-week bust: West. He is not quite ready to be a steady No. 5 or Fantasy option. Stash him until he proves otherwise.

Houston Astros

  1. Roy Oswalt at FLA Volstad, at MIL Looper
  2. Wandy Rodriguez at MIL Gallardo
  3. Mike Hampton at FLA West
  4. Bud Norris at FLA Nolasco
  5. Brian Moehler at FLA VandenHurk, at MIL Burns

Two-starter(s): Moehler and Oswalt. They are risky options. Oswalt usually isn't but his back issue makes him one.
Who is getting skipped: None.
One-week sleeper: Norris. He is a must-add in all leagues. He is more valuable than his moderate ownership percentage on CBSSports.com.
One-week bust: Oswalt. We would let him prove healthy and effective before starting him again.

Kansas City Royals

  1. Zack Greinke at DET Washburn
  2. Gil Meche at MIN Swarzak
  3. Kyle Davies at MIN Blackburn, at DET Porcello
  4. Brian Bannister at MIN Liriano
  5. Luke Hochevar at DET Jackson

Two-starter(s): Davies. He is a risky option at this point.
Who is getting skipped: Bruce Chen. Meche's expected return Thursday likely pushes Chen out of the rotation, although Davies is a candidate to be removed, too.
One-week sleeper: Meche. His rehab start was good enough to make him an advisable option coming off the DL.
One-week bust: Davies. He was pitching great in the minors, but he comes up and takes a step back again. He could head back down with a bad first start.

Top 10 Pitchers Added
Player % Change
1. Brian Matusz, SP, Orioles 34
2. Bud Norris, SP, Astros 26
3. Tom Gorzelanny, SP, Cubs 25
4. Jonathan O. Sanchez, SP, Giants 23
5. Gio Gonzalez, SP, Athletics 15
6. Neftali Feliz, RP, Rangers 11
7. Barry Zito, SP, Giants 10
8. Carl Pavano, SP, Twins 9
9. Justin Masterson, RP, Indians 9
10. Jason Frasor, RP, Blue Jays 9

Los Angeles Angels

  1. John Lackey at BAL Matusz
  2. Jered Weaver at BAL Tillman
  3. Ervin Santana vs TB Price
  4. Sean O'Sullivan vs TBD Garza, at BAL Guthrie
  5. Matt Palmer vs TB Niemann

Two-starter(s): O'Sullivan. Consider him a questionable option best left for AL-only leagues.
Who is getting skipped: None. Palmer has to join the rotation after Joe Saunders (shoulder) was shelved.
One-week sleeper: O'Sullivan. He isn't going to overwhelm, but the Angels could make him a winner this week, especially in the second matchup.
One-week bust: Santana. He is coming off a victory, but it wasn't a quality one and he faces the hot Rays and opposing the resurgent Price.

Los Angeles Dodgers

  1. Chad Billingsley at SF Lincecum
  2. Clayton Kershaw at ARI Haren
  3. Hiroki Kuroda at SF Sanchez, at ARI Petit
  4. Randy Wolf at SF Martinez, at ARI Davis
  5. Eric Stults, likely to be skipped

Two-starter(s): Kuroda and Wolf. They are both advisable options in most leagues.
Who is getting skipped: Stults. We have to figure the Dodgers will try to skip his turn whenever possible, which it is this week.
One-week sleeper: Kuroda. He has strung together three quality starts, so trust him in any format in Fantasy Week 19 (Aug. 10-16).
One-week bust: Stults. We don't think he gets a start and would be a high-risk option even if he did.

Milwaukee Brewers

  1. Yovani Gallardo vs HOU Rodriguez
  2. Manny Parra vs SD Carrillo
  3. Braden Looper vs SD Richard, vs HOU Oswalt
  4. Carlos Villanueva or Mike Burns vs SD Correia
  5. TBD vs HOU Moehler

Two-starter(s): Looper. He is an advisable option in deeper leagues, especially with that favorable first outing.
Who is getting skipped: None. Villanueva or Burns could be removed from the rotation, though.Jeff Suppan might return as soon as Wednesday.
One-week sleeper: Parra. He hasn't been great, but the matchup is favorable enough to trust him in mixed formats.
One-week bust: Villanueva and Burns. It would have to be a real deep NL-only league for you to take a chance on either of these two.

Minnesota Twins

  1. Scott Baker vs CLE Huff
  2. Nick Blackburn vs KC Davies, vs CLE Laffey
  3. Carl Pavano vs CLE Masterson
  4. Francisco Liriano vs KC Bannister
  5. Anthony Swarzak vs KC Meche

Two-starter(s): Blackburn. He is an advisable option in most leagues.
Who is getting skipped: Glen Perkins. He has been removed from the rotation, but he could take his spot back if he proves healthier in the coming weeks.
One-week sleeper: Pavano. He was outstanding in his Twins debut and could be a sleeper down the stretch.
One-week bust: Swarzak. The Twins wanted to take him out of the rotation, but Perkins' health forced their hand. Don't trust him.

New York Mets

  1. Johan Santana vs SF Cain
  2. Mike Pelfrey at ARI Davis, vs SF Sanchez
  3. Oliver Perez at ARI Garland
  4. Livan Hernandez at ARI Scherzer
  5. Bobby Parnell vs SF Zito

Two-starter(s): Pelfrey. He is a sleeper for deeper leagues, especially with two winnable matchups.
Who is getting skipped: None. Parnell is just stretching out to start, so we doubt he gets skipped after Thursday's off day.
One-week sleeper: Pelfrey. We like his matchups more than how he has been pitching, but trust him even in mixed formats.
One-week bust: Parnell. He is not yet stretched out enough to be a five-inning starter. Watch him for a potential breakthrough as he builds up, though.

New York Yankees

  1. CC Sabathia at SEA Snell
  2. A.J. Burnett vs TOR Romero
  3. Andy Pettitte at SEA Rowland-Smith
  4. Joba Chamberlain vs TOR Richmond, at SEA TBD
  5. Sergio Mitre vs TOR Rzepczynski, at SEA French

Two-starter(s): Mitre. He is a questionable option, especially since Chad Gaudin could be a rotation candidate now, too.
Who is getting skipped: None.
One-week sleeper: Mitre. We would take a flier on him in deeper leagues. The Yankees said Gaudin will open in the bullpen, so Mitre could be motivated to earn his spot.
One-week bust: None. All five starters are useful this week.

Oakland Athletics

  1. Brett Anderson vs CHW Contreras
  2. Trevor Cahill vs BAL Hernandez, vs CHW Danks
  3. Vin Mazzaro at BAL Berken
  4. Gio Gonzalez at BAL Guthrie, vs CHW Floyd
  5. vacant

Two-starter(s): Gonzalez and Cahill. They are questionable options best left for AL-only leagues.
Who is getting skipped: The vacant No. 5 spot. Dallas Braden (ankle) could be ready to return the next time the No. 5 starter's spot comes up by Aug. 18.
One-week sleeper: Gonzalez. He has strung three solid starts together and has a favorable first matchup.
One-week bust: Cahill. He has been easily outdistanced as staff ace by the red-hot Anderson. Cahill has some work to do before he can be trusted in any format.

Philadelphia Phillies

  1. Cole Hamels vs ATL Jurrjens
  2. Cliff Lee at CHC Samardzija
  3. Joe Blanton at CHC Dempster
  4. J.A. Happ at CHC Harden, at ATL Vazquez
  5. Jamie Moyer at ATL Kawakami
  6. Pedro Martinez TBD

Two-starter(s): Perhaps Happ. The Phillies could go with a six-man rotation to slot Martinez, but Moyer could also be a candidate to head to the bullpen. Happ is a must-start in all leagues regardless.
Who is getting skipped: Perhaps Moyer. His bad outing Sunday might have sealed his fate in the rotation. Stay tuned.
One-week sleeper: Happ. He will get at least one start, perhaps two. He should be active in almost all leagues now.
One-week bust: Moyer and Martinez. The soft-tossing vets should not be trusted to perform well, if they even get a start this week. Don't use them until their roles are determined.

Pittsburgh Pirates

  1. Zach Duke at CHC Gorzelanny
  2. Paul Maholm at COL Marquis
  3. Ross Ohlendorf at COL Chacin, at CHC Harden
  4. Charlie Morton at CHC Wells
  5. Kevin Hart at COL Jimenez

Two-starter(s): Ohlendorf. He is a questionable option best avoided in most leagues.
Who is getting skipped: None.
One-week sleeper: Duke. He is the only Pirates starter we would trust in most weeks. His matchup isn't great, though.
One-week bust: Ohlendorf. You might be lured in by his last outing and his two starts. Don't. A mediocre Pirates two-starter is dangerous.

San Diego Padres

  1. Mat Latos at STL Wainwright
  2. Kevin Correia at MIL Villanueva
  3. Tim Stauffer at STL Lohse
  4. Clayton Richard at MIL Looper, at STL Wellemeyer
  5. Cesar Carrillo at MIL Parra

Two-starter(s): Richard. He would be advisable if those matchups weren't so unfavorable.
Who is getting skipped: None.
One-week sleeper: Correia. He has strung together three consecutive quality starts and his opposing pitcher is not imposing.
One-week bust: Richard. He is tempting because he is talented, but those matchups make him a dangerous option. The Brewers and Cardinals can score runs in bunches. Also, Carrillo is talented and an intriguing sleeper in NL-only leagues, but don't use him this week.

San Francisco Giants

  1. Tim Lincecum vs LAD Billingsley
  2. Matt Cain at NYM Santana
  3. Barry Zito at NYM Parnell
  4. Jonathan Sanchez vs LAD Kuroda, at NYM Pelfrey
  5. Joe Martinez vs LAD Wolf

Two-starter(s): Sanchez. He is an advisable option, despite that tough first matchup vs. the Dodgers.
Who is getting skipped: None.
One-week sleeper: Zito. He hasn't allowed more than two earned runs after the All-Star break.
One-week bust: Martinez. He could be a sleeper going forward, but not against the Dodgers this week.

Seattle Mariners

  1. Felix Hernandez vs CHW Buehrle
  2. Ryan Rowland-Smith vs NYY Pettitte
  3. Ian Snell vs NYY Sabathia
  4. Luke French vs CHW Floyd, vs NYY Mitre
  5. Doug Fister vs CHW Danks, vs NYY Chamberlain

Two-starter(s): French and Fister. They are questionable options, especially against those two contenders.
Who is getting skipped: None.
One-week sleeper: French. At least he draws the Yankees' No. 5 starter. We still wouldn't use him outside of AL-only leagues, though.
One-week bust: Snell. He got shelled vs. the Rays and we don't like his matchup this week.

St. Louis Cardinals

  1. Chris Carpenter vs CIN Bailey
  2. Adam Wainwright vs SD Latos
  3. Joel Pineiro vs SD Stauffer
  4. Kyle Lohse vs CIN Cueto, vs SD Richard
  5. Todd Wellemeyer vs CIN Lehr

Two-starter(s): Lohse. He is a questionable option amid his recent struggles.
Who is getting skipped: None.
One-week sleeper: Wellemeyer. He returns to the rotation after a couple of relief appearances. Consider him a sleeper to rediscover himself.
One-week bust: Lohse. You want to trust him, but he has shown no consistency this season.

Tampa Bay Rays

  1. James Shields vs TOR Cecil
  2. Scott Kazmir vs TOR Halladay
  3. Matt Garza at LAA O'Sullivan, vs TOR Rzepczynski
  4. David Price vs LAA Santana
  5. Jeff Niemann vs LAA Palmer

Two-starter(s): Garza. He is an advisable option in all leagues.
Who is getting skipped: None.
One-week sleeper: Niemann. He couldn't be coming off a better outing and facing a weaker team, but he still warrants starting in most formats.
One-week bust: Kazmir. You shouldn't sit him, but he draws a tough matchup to win.

Texas Rangers

  1. Kevin Millwood vs BOS Lester
  2. Tommy Hunter vs CLE Carmona
  3. Derek Holland vs BOS Penny
  4. Scott Feldman at CLE Sowers
  5. Dustin Nippert at CLE Laffey, vs BOS Tazawa

Two-starter(s): Nippert. He is a sleeper for deeper leagues. He was good enough that the Rangers could get rid of Vicente Padilla.
Who is getting skipped: None.
One-week sleeper: Hunter. He has been a lot better than we have given him credit for and he draws a favorable matchup.
One-week bust: Nippert. We think you can take the flier on him, but our gut says he will implode on you.

Toronto Blue Jays

  1. Roy Halladay at TB Kazmir
  2. Ricky Romero at NYY Burnett
  3. Scott Richmond at NYY Chamberlain
  4. Marc Rzepczynski at NYY Mitre, at TB Garza
  5. Brett Cecil at TB Shields

Two-starter(s): Rzepczynski. He is a high-risk option in those matchups. Look elsewhere.
Who is getting skipped: None.
One-week sleeper: Romero. We would have considered him advisable in a better matchup. It is tough to pick a Blue Jays starter this week.
One-week bust: Richmond. Take your pick of the Blue Jays starters not named Halladay or Romero. They are all potential busts any week.

Washington Nationals

  1. John Lannan at ATL Hanson, at CIN Lehr
  2. Craig Stammen at ATL Lowe
  3. Collin Balester at CIN Arroyo
  4. Garrett Mock at CIN Harang
  5. J.D. Martin at CIN Cueto

Two-starter(s): Lannan. He is a questionable option in those matchups, even though the Nationals are surprisingly hot.
Who is getting skipped: None.
One-week sleeper: None. All of the Nationals starters are risky in this and most weeks.
One-week bust: Lannan. You will try to trust the staff ace and he will likely disappoint you like he did July 31.

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