Twitter screengrab

There are some silly and unnecessarily violent competitions out there, but the Russian slapping championships have to be among the most silly and unnecessarily violent. They are... exactly what they sound like. Two guys stare at each other as one winds up and slaps the spit out of the person across from him.

And yet, as ridiculously pointless as this sounds, it's hard to look away. Want an example? Here's an example!

The guy in white never stood a chance. It seems like once you're staggered after the first slap, you're not long for the matchup. And it has to be wildly disheartening to slap a man and have him immediately go into his windup. The guy in white was hit so hard he could've ended up with whiplash.

In case it isn't clear, the man in the dark shirt won, and hey, 30,000 rubles isn't bad depending on how much you value your face. Despite the barbarity of it, there's something nice in the simplicity of it. It's open-handed boxing with no frills!

Somehow, I don't think this will be coming overseas, but it's nice to have these highlights to watch.