No matter what sport you play, you're going to have disagreements with the officials. It's part of the game -- players will yell and scream and carry on.

But there's one thing you certainly cannot do, and that's physically assault a referee. There's no gray area. You just can't do it.

Argentinian rugby player Bruno Andres Doglioli decided to ignore that rule, and he's paying the price for it.

Doglioli was banned three years by the Federezione Italiana Rugby for laying an absolutely brutal hit on unsuspecting official Maria Beatrice Benvenuti during an Italian Serie A game on Sunday.

Watch below, if you can stomach it.

Benvenuti actually finished the game but was treated for whiplash afterward, according to La Gazetta dello Sport. In a statement, the Federazione Italiana Rugby said the three-year ban is the harshest suspension it has imposed in the last two decades, and that the punishment exhibits a zero tolerance approach.

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