Multiple states across the country have legalized some form of sports betting in 2023, but California remains on the outside looking in. Californians overwhelmingly voted against two propositions on the November 2022 ballot that would have legalized California sports betting in-person at tribal casinos and online. Some state legislators have continued to try in 2023 to put new California sports betting legislation into motion, but opposition from local tribes and multiple lobby groups has made that process difficult. With the calendar year wrapping up, it is unlikely that any California sports betting legislation will pass before some time in 2024.

Even with so much opposition, there is still hope that California sports betting will become a reality like it has in other states that have legalized sports betting sites. So even though it looks like it will be a while before California sports betting will get the green light similar to states like Ohio and Kentucky, California sports fans can still brush up on their sports betting terms with this quick guide from our friends at SportsLine.

How to bet on sports in California when legalized

There are several ways you can make sports wagers both online and in retail sportsbooks and plenty of bet types you'll want to familiarize yourself with.

Live betting: Baseball is a very big deal in California, and live betting will be a great way to play along if California sports betting gets legalized. Sportsbooks will update certain odds as a game progresses, so you can bet on a player having a great game to hit a home run -- and many other outcomes -- as the innings unfold.

Futures: You aren't limited to wagering on games happening right now. Futures bets let you wager on sports outcomes that will take place months from now. Football season is still a couple of weeks away, but fans in cities where sports betting is legal can place a futures bet now on which team you think will win their division next winter.

Parlay: This high-risk betting style involves putting two or more sides on one wager, but the reward can be huge if all sides win. A $100 bet on a four-team parlay at 11-1 odds could return $1,100 if all four sides win. But if three or fewer sides win, the bet is a loser.

Over/Under: The over/under, also referred to as the game total, is how many combined points teams are expected to score in a given contest. If the over/under is set at 45, then any combined score lower than that would make the Under cash. Anything more than that is a win for the Over. If it lands on 45, it's a push, which means the bet is refunded.

Money line: Money-line bets are plays on which side will win a contest without a spread involved. For example, if Golden State is the clear favorite, it might be listed at -300. That means a $300 bet would return $100 in winnings. Underdogs are usually listed at plus money, such as +200 (risk $100 to win $200).

Hook: To avoid pushes, lines often have a half-point added. That's why you see lines such as San Francisco -3.5. The half-point is considered "the hook," and they can be especially valuable when attached to common score margins in football like 3, 7 or 10. 

Where to find the best California sports betting advice

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