The checklist for skydiving is pretty extensive. There are a number of precautions you have to take and things to make sure you have before you even get into the air.

Of all the items, "Do I have my parachute?" is probably pretty high on the list.

That wasn't the case for daredevil skydiver Luke Aikins, however, as he jumped from a plane 25,000 feet above the ground on Saturday -- without a parachute.

Aikins reached speeds up to 150 MPH as he attempted the record-breaking feat without a parachute, wing suit or anything that would help him slow down his fall.

Three members of his "jump team" accompanied him to 5,000 feet just in case he veered off course, but the rest of the dive was up to Aikins alone.

Miraculously, he landed in the net completely unharmed.

We've seen a stunt like this attempted before, but even Keanu had to use a chute at the end.

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