The Boston Red Sox and Los Angeles Dodgers are playing Game 4 of the 2018 World Series on Saturday night. The Dodgers, for their part, are attempting to stave off falling into a 3-1 deficit in the best-of-seven series. But before Rich Hill and Eduardo Rodriguez could take the mound and get the game going, the Dodgers had a special pregame first-pitch ceremony.

Some 30 years ago, the Dodgers played in the 1988 World Series against the Oakland Athletics. In Game 1, Kirk GIbson delivered a pinch-hit, walk-off home run against A's closer Dennis Eckersley. The image of Gibson, hobbled by leg injuries, pumping his fist as he rounded the bases has become a fixture in postseason lore. Here it is:

Prior to Game 4, Eckersley delivered the first pitch to Gibson in a neat little moment:

Eckersley, for his part, has been a good sport about the whole thing. Take a look at how he introduced himself at Dodger Stadium last year:

Some players would shy away from acknowledging a moment that they may sense has overshadowed or obscured an otherwise brilliant career. Not Eckersley. He seems to love the game to the point that just being involved in such a moment registers as a highlight itself.

That's refreshing -- and the resulting first pitch was pretty cool.