The 2018 World Series is now set, as the Los Angeles Dodgers will take on the Boston Red Sox beginning on Tuesday evening. The Red Sox had baseball's best regular-season record, meaning they'll host the first and potentially the last two games of the series, should it go seven.

You might wonder what the bookmakers think about the series. Turns out they think the Red Sox are the favorites to win. Take a look:

What those numbers mean in layman's terms is that a person would have to bet $135 on the Red Sox to win in order to win $100. Conversely, a $100 bet on the Dodgers would result in a $115 payout. Obviously those are just base rates, so to put this in different terms: betting $100 on each wins you about $74 on the Red Sox and $115 on the Dodgers. Make sense? Good, great.

If it doesn't, that's fine too. Just know Vegas thinks the Red Sox will be the World Series champions.