The Minnesota Twins are terrible. In fact, at 11-32, they own the worst record in the majors -- even one game worse than the also-awful Atlanta Braves. Saying as much shouldn't be out of line, but apparently one Twins player would take exception.

Per Twins play-by-play man Dick Bremer, he was confronted by a player in the clubhouse earlier this season (via Mike McFeely).

"I make it a practice to go in the clubhouse every day and go down on the field, so if a player has a complaint about something I've said on television they have that opportunity," Bremer said. "I was confronted in the clubhouse in the last homestand. I didn't say what I wanted to say, which was, 'Well, play better and the commentary will be more positive.' You can't mask the fact this team is a quarter of the way through the season with 10 wins."

Wow. Just ... wow.

It's pretty stand-up of Bremer to refuse to name the player because whoever it was made a really bad decision. There is nothing to be gained from asking a broadcaster to be more positive about the worst team in the AL, possibly the majors. Bremer's job is to call the game and the players' jobs are to play the game. Worrying about what a broadcaster is saying seems a sign of mental weakness. There are so many other things that should be of greater concern right now for the Twins, that's for sure.

Twins play-by-play man Dick Bremer apparently needs to be more positive about a bad team. USATSI