It's been no secret that Major League Baseball is cracking down on foreign substances. Now that the league has informed umpires that they have to routinely check every pitcher's glove, hat, belt, and hands throughout the course of a game, players are starting to react.

On Tuesday, Oakland Athletics reliever Sergio Romo was coming off the field and the umpires needed to check him. Romo took it a step further and pulled his pants down to his knees during the check.

Romo didn't even hesitate as the umpire flagged him down as he came off the mound. The veteran reliever tossed tossed his glove and hat down while also ripping off his belt for the check.

"He's a playful guy," A's manager Bob Melvin said following the game, according to the Mercury News. "I don't think he meant anything by it. I will credit the umpires the way they've handled it. They've been fantastic. Try to make light of it. Smile with guys and do it quickly. That won't happen again. The playful side came out. I don't think he meant anything by it. But umpires are trying to do their job as well."

Melvin added that the A's clubhouse has been fine with the league's new protocols.

Romo didn't exactly get as heated as Washington Nationals starter Max Scherzer, who was check during Tuesday's game against the Philadelphia Phillies, did. Phillies manager Joe Girardi asked the umpires to perform a foreign substance check in the middle of an inning and the two ended up getting into a shouting match before Girardi was ejected.