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Throughout the offseason the CBS Sports MLB experts will bring you a weekly Batting Around roundtable breaking down pretty much anything. The latest news, a historical question, thoughts about the future of baseball, all sorts of stuff. Last week we picked between several veteran free agent hitters. This week we're going to tackle a top pitcher on the trade market.

Will the White Sox trade Dylan Cease before Opening Day? Where will he end up?

R.J. Anderson: I believe they will trade him. I know front offices who believe so, too. It makes too much sense not to happen. The White Sox aren't competing this season, with or without Cease. They need a talent infusion something bad. Realistically, Jerry Reinsdorf isn't going to spend a ton of money. That means the best route forward is moving Cease -- and now, when he has as much trade value as he'll have at any point with the White Sox. As for where he'll land, the Orioles seem like the most obvious suitor. Can Chris Getz and Mike Elias find enough common ground to strike a deal? I don't know. But, again, both parties should be motivated to get something done over the next month or so.

Dayn Perry: I think so. I get the sense that Chris Getz is playing the long game, at least within the confines of the current offseason, and waiting out Jordan Montgomery's and Blake Snell's free agency. I think he's in a strong position given that rotation needs outstrip supply and that Cease's arbitration salaries still make him a bargain relative to free agents. I'll say he's traded before pitchers and catcher report. I'll also say the Yankees pony up for him and add him to the rotation behind ace Gerrit Cole.

Matt Snyder: I'll say the White Sox don't get the return offered for Cease that they believe he's worth and hold him to start the season. Remember, he finished second in Cy Young voting in 2022 and then had a 4.58 ERA and 1.42 WHIP last season. It's entirely plausible that Getz believes this would be a sell low and instead bets on Cease starting the season hot. If that's true and he's right, there will be more activity around the trade deadline -- especially since the free-agent market has taken so long to sort out and it's still possible the likes of Shane Bieber and/or Corbin Burnes get traded once free agency is sorted out. I'll say Cease is the White Sox Opening Day starter and heads elsewhere before the end of July.

Mike Axisa: I think they'll trade him. Taking Cease into the season is a gamble given the inherent injury risk with pitchers, and also the market could be smaller in July than it is now. Teams in the mix now could fall out of race and decide not to pay big for a starter when a big chunk of his value is tied up in the 2024 stretch drive and postseason. The Cardinals, for example, are reported to still have interest in Cease, but what if they have another underwhelming season and aren't looking to add at the deadline? Generally speaking, it's easier to trade players in the offseason than at the deadline, and I think Getz knows that. There's nothing wrong with being patient in the winter and driving a hard bargain, especially in this pitching market, but I think Getz will relent eventually and trade Cease. As for where he ends up, I'll go with the Orioles. They have prospects to trade and a need in the rotation. It makes too much sense not to happen. (Then again, not everything about the O's makes sense, like their criminally low $81 million estimated payroll for 2024.)