The first Sunday of the season is normally reserved for children -- some teams even call it kids’ opening day.

The Toronto Blue Jays and Tampa Bay Rays went a different route, paying their own tribute to the adolescents in attendance at Tropicana Field by getting into a spat (video here):

Best we can tell, Blue Jays shortstop Troy Tulowitzki took exception to Rays outfielder Steven Souza Jr.’s late slide -- to the extent he felt the need to presumably inform Souza where he could put his foot. Souza wasn’t impressed and from there you had the usual display of bravado. It’s worth noting it was the second time in as many seasons that Souza and Tulowitzki have bickered:

No punches were thrown, no ejections were issued. The children were corrupted all the same.

Souza, by the way, did strike one big blow -- later on, he hit a three-run home run to give the Rays a 4-2 lead.