Ever since it first opened in 2001, Miller Park being home to the Brewers was one of the most aptly named ballparks in baseball. That is set to fall by the wayside in the near future, however. News broke Tuesday morning that the ballpark would be renamed. MillerCoors has released a statement, via jsonline

"American Family Insurance, proactively pitched the Brewers an incredibly rich offer for the future naming rights to Miller Park, and we're proud to welcome American Family to the family we've been part of for generations. While the name on the stadium will change after the 2020 season, we fully expect Brewers fans inside and outside the stadium will continue to celebrate every home run and every strikeout with one of our beloved brands." 

As noted in the statement, Miller Park will remain the name for the 2019 and 2020 seasons, thankfully, so we've got two seasons left to help soften the blow. 

Still, this sucks. Miller Park >>>>>>> American Family Insurance Park, right? It's a blowout. Not seeing Miller Park on the stadium marquee will be so weird. 

National League Championship Series Game 6: Los Angeles Dodgers v. Milwaukee Brewers
Mike McGinnis

It just fits so perfectly. 

On the flip side for Brewers fans, surely this was a lucrative offer to the ownership group of the team in the smallest market in America. Financial windfalls are presumably good and might allow the Brewers to spend a bit more on payroll. If that actually comes to fruition, surely Brewers nation will be able to handle the change.