On Friday, the San Francisco Giants reportedly became the first team to make a formal offer to the Miami Marlins regarding NL MVP Giancarlo Stanton.

On Sunday, the St. Louis Cardinals became the second, per Jon Paul Morosi of MLB Network:

The development is notable, though not surprising. The Giants and Cardinals have both been connected to Stanton since the offseason began. Obviously we don't know what either team is offering, and there's ample reason to think a resolution is far off -- in part because others, like the Boston Red Sox, will be submitting offers before negotiations get more serious.

In case you were wondering, owner Derek Jeter offered a comment on Friday about the trade talks. Well, sort of. Here's what Jeter said, per Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald:

Meanwhile, Jeter was asked at the team's annual turkey drive on Friday whether Stanton would be traded.

"This is about Thanksgiving, my friend," Jeter answered.

As for trading Stanton? That's about saving money, friend. Nothing more, nothing less.