Chipper Jones 'rescues' Freddie Freeman from traffic gridlock

PHOTOS: Snowy Turner Field

Atlanta got a few inches of snow yesterday and while that might sound petty to some of us from further north, the city isn't used to those kinds of elements. And traffic was gridlocked to epic proportions due to accidents and other issues.

For example, Braves first baseman Freddie Freeman was live tweeting his wait ...

Eventually Freeman did something many didn't have the luxury of doing. He pulled off, parked and had a hired gun grab a four-wheeler to "save" him:

So they presumably took it off road.

And here they are, arriving at Jones' home -- picture courtesy of Jones' girlfriend (and former Playmate) Taylor Higgins:

Freeman also noted on Twitter that he arrived 11 hours after he initially got in his car to head home. And that was with getting picked up on a four-wheeler by a rich buddy of his. That should give us an idea of the Atlanta traffic from Tuesday -- and make those of us who weren't there thankful.

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