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Cubs shortstop Javier Bàez came through with a walk-off knock on Monday against long-time Reds nemesis Amir Garrett and, well, he really let Garrett know about it on his way to first base. 

Before the pitch, the two could be seen jawing at each other. There's history and we'll get to that. 

The news right now is that Bàez has avoided suspension but has been fined an undisclosed amount of money by the league, reports Jon Heyman of MLB Network

The history between these two goes back to 2017, when Bàez hit a grand slam against Garrett. In 2018, Garrett struck Bàez out and went nuts and Bàez didn't like it. The benches cleared.

Bàez homered again next time he faced Garrett. In 2019, Garrett struck out Bàez and again celebrated. 

And then earlier this season, this happened: 

Garrett was suspended for five games for celebrating, but Bàez was not for charging onto the field. If the league was being consistent, why wasn't Bàez suspended for his actions Monday night? Apparently someone on the other team has to take enough offense for benches to clear, otherwise there's no suspension. It's a bit odd and I've covered it before

After the game Monday, Garrett said Bàez should thank him. Via MLB.com

"He should thank me, because I didn't react because we'd have both lost money and got fined and got suspended and hurt our teammates. I wasn't gonna react."

I believe he's right, given all we've seen this season, but Garrett isn't totally innocent here. 

As noted, the two could be seen jawing before the pitch on Monday night. Here's the Bàez portion of it: 

And then there's the history from the past to consider between these two. To sum things up, at the very least it appears Bàez really does not like Garrett and the feeling is probably mutual.