The Blue Jays are guaranteed to have a few busy months ahead. In addition to being in the playoff race, Blue Jays president Mark Shapiro and crew have to contend with the fact that both Jose Bautista and Edwin Encarnacion are free agents at season's end. How fun.

Unfortunately for Shapiro and Jays fans hoping to re-sign at least one of the pair before winter arrives, that scenario seems increasingly unlikely -- at least on Encarnacion's part. Here's why, per Jon Heyman:

"Once the season started, we were not going to negotiate," [agent Paul] Kinzer told Today's Knuckleball. "He thought it was a distraction last time. He's the most relaxed I've ever seen him. Why mess with the guy? He's content. He's happy."

With that in mind, the lack of news about a potential extension would seem to fit under "not actual news." Heyman did note, however, that there have been murmurs about the Jays trying (and failing) to make something happen before the season ends.

Still, Encarnacion wants to remain in Toronto, with his agent saying, "This doesn't mean Toronto's out. This as the plan all along. We were going to play this thing out."

Why wouldn't he want to stay? He turned his career around there, and has since made three All-Star Games, including in 2016.

Obviously another deal with Encarnacion would make sense on Toronto's part, too, provided the finances work. During his Cleveland days, Shapiro seldom made the kind of long-term commitment that Bautista and Encarnacion would likely command, so it's yet to be seen whether he changes his approach in Toronto. We'll find out soon enough.

On the season, Encarnacion is hitting .267/.358/.541 with 23 home runs. He also leads baseball with 80 RBI.