Giants first base coach Jose Alguacil was struck in the face by a check-swing foul ball off the bat of Hunter Dozier of the Royals on Saturday. As the AP reports, Alguacil was airlifted to a nearby Phoenix hospital, where he’ll undergo surgery to repair a broken nose. He also suffered cuts and small fractures to his orbital bone.

As several Giants beat reporters noted on Twitter, manager Bruce Bochy said Alguacil never lost consciousness. 

Some details ... 

Dugouts are often overcrowded during spring training, and sometimes coaches will position themselves in foul territory in order to get a better view of the game. “It’s what we do here,” Bochy told Andrew Baggarly of the San Jose Mercury News. “Unfortunately, I think most of us have been hit. It was unfortunate this was near the eye area.”

Here’s some footage of Alguacil’s being carted off the field to warm applause not longer after he sustained his injuries (h/t: Big League Stew):

Alguacil, 44, is going into his first-season as a member of the Giants’ major league coaching staff. Here’s hoping for a full and swift recovery.