Major League Baseball is set to host its first ever regular season game in Iowa on Thursday, and it will be played at a new park that looks just like the one from the movie "Field of Dreams." The Chicago White Sox will host the New York Yankees for the iconic event, and to commemorate it all, Major League Baseball decided they wanted a signature food item at the ballpark.

The Mayor of Flavortown is up to the task.

Chevrolet and chef Guy Fieri announced a collaboration for a new snack called the Apple Pie Hot Dog that will be served at the game. Yes, you read that correctly, and yes, it looks exactly as you'd expect.

"As a long-time Chevy guy, it's awesome to be working together on this funky throwback snack for the MLB at Field of Dreams Game," Fieri aid in a press release. "I can't wait to see the reactions from fans as they take their first bite of the Apple Pie Hot Dog!"

The Apple Pie Hot Dog features an all-beef hot dog, apple pie filling and Fieri's signature bacon jam enclosed in a flaky pie crust. The Apple Pie Hot Dog is also topped with an apple mustard drizzle, apple pie spice and demerara sugar.

There's nothing more American than baseball ... and hot dogs ... and apple pie. With the Mayor of Flavortown being involved in this culinary adventure, it's hard to say that this isn't a match made in heaven.

Personally, I've never been a huge fan of mixing sweet and savory flavors together. However, if Fieri says he'd "eat it off a flip flop," who am I not to trust him?