If you’ve seen Clint Frazier before, you know the signature aspect of his appearance is his red hair -- or, more specifically, his flowing red hair. Frazier wants to enjoy his hairline while he has it, and that includes wearing his hair shoulder-length in the back.

Here’s a picture from last July for context:

Clint Frazier
See the hair? Getty Images

The problem for Frazier is that a few weeks after the picture was snapped, he was traded to the New York Yankees as part of the Cleveland Indians’ Andrew Miller trade. The Yankees, as most everyone knows, are obsessed with a clean, professional look. Ergo this scene from Friday morning:

It might not require saying, but Twitter is peeved with this outcome. As such, we’ve decided to highlight some of the best reactions. We’ll begin with the serious:

Rest assured, though, there was some humor to be found, too:

So, yes. The quickest way to get on Baseball Twitter’s bad side? Pressure your excitin’ young prospect into cutting his hair for no reason other than tradition. On the bright side, the hair will serve a good purpose all the same: