The Miami Marlins are undergoing a lot of change at the moment, and not all of it is on the baseball field.

According to Clark Spencer of the Miami Herald, the Marlins plan to announce official crowd figures as actual tickets sold this season, rather than regular old attendance. That means any free tickets -- tickets given to charities, players' families, etc. -- are no longer included in the crowd size total. 

As a result, this happened Friday night:

Earlier this year it was reported the Marlins actually sold about 820,000 tickets last season, compared to their announced attendance of 1.6 million. Between their offseason fire sale and their new crowd size figures, the club figures to have much lower attendance numbers this year.

The Marlins, as part of "Project Wolverine," are reportedly expecting attendance to tick up a bit this season. Seems to me they'll have a tough time reaching that goal, but hey, stranger things have happened.