A young Cincinnati Reds fan and Joey Votto's No. 1 supporter attended a game at San Diego's Petco Park this weekend, and was excited to see her favorite player live in action. But she had a different experience than she was expecting. Votto was ejected in the first inning on Saturday, along with manager David Bell, after an argument with the umpire.

The young fan -- later identified as 6-year-old Abigail -- was heartbroken, wanting to see more of favorite player. 

Abigail, who was wearing a Votto t-shirt, teared up in the stands after Votto was ejected from the game. Someone with her tweeted out the photo and the Reds quickly noticed and decided to make the fan's day a little better.

Votto signed a baseball, apologizing for not being out there the whole time.

The person who originally tweeted out the photo of the young fan provided an update on Twitter on Sunday.

"I have an update on the sad Abigail situation! It took a couple of innings, but she eventually cheered up with some popcorn! And Joey Votto is SO KIND- he signed this amazing ball for her!! Thank you so much Mr. Votto & the wonderful @Reds."

The best part, was Votto got to meet his No. 1 fan.

She was clearly a lot happier than when he was ejected and was jumping up and down and screaming with joy. She told Votto, "We are so grateful for you," as she slid him something to sign. The two also got a photo together.