As you undoubtedly recall, former Miami Marlins ace Jose Fernandez died alongside two other men last September in a tragic boating accident. Now, a half year later, Fernandez's estate is being sued by the families of those other victims -- Eduardo Rivero and Emilio Jesus Macias -- with each seeking $2 million due to negligence and personal injury.

Here more details, courtesy of the Sun Sentinel (hat tip to Emma Baccellieri):

Attorney Christopher Royer is representing both Rivero's mother and Macia's parents. Rivero's claim was filed Friday. Macias' is to be filed Monday.

"The Rivero and Macias families are deeply scarred by the loss of their sons," Royer said in a news release Friday. "We remain open to a settlement and are hopeful a prompt resolution can be achieved to spare these families, and that of Jose Fernandez too, from any additional suffering."

Fernandez's mother recently filed a petition to administer his estate, according to the report. The Fernandez family lawyer, meanwhile, classified a settlement as "highly unlikely" due to the impending birth of Fernandez's daughter -- the same one he announced the pregnancy of just days before his untimely passing.