The Chicago Cubs had their World Series championship parade on Friday afternoon and it was quite expansive. The route stretched six miles and was crowded on both sides throughout by legions of fans. In fact, millions. City officials estimated that there were five million people.

The crowds weren't as gigantic in one single spot, they were just spread all over the long route. Here are some of the sights and scenes.

(Yes, that's Travis Wood shirtless.)

Flying the W. USATSI
Kris Bryant with the WWE/Cubs championship belt! USATSI
People. There are lots of people. USATSI
Miguel Montero collected two huge hits to help the Cubs get here. USATSI
Another part of Michigan Avenue swarming with bodies. USATSI

There was so, so much more. For those interested, scroll through our live blog. We posted a ton of pictures and a few videos.