Thursday night at Chase Field, the Diamondbacks introduced seven new uniforms for the 2016 season. Yes, seven. That includes new home and road looks, alternate uniforms and caps.

Here is the team's new home white uniform. All images from the @DBacks on Twitter.

The D-Backs' workmark has been arched, but, more than anything, I can't take my eyes off that snakeskin design on the shoulders and the back of the calves. It's ... different. That's for sure.

Now here are the new gray road uniforms.

I like the darker gray. Most teams go with the lighter shade but that's almost charcoal. The contrast with the black and red works well. Also, note the snakeskin design is featured on he hat.

Here is Arizona's new black alternate jersey, which includes the "A" logo.

The red snakeskin on the shoulder works well with the black top. It works better than it does with the white jersey, anyway. This almost looks like a spring training jersey, honestly.

The D-Backs also introduced a Sedona red alternate and a Hispanic Heritage jersey. Here's a look:

And, of course, the team will have throwback uniforms. They'll wear the same purple and teal sleeveless jerseys they wore for the first nine years of the franchise's existence for select games next season. This is the jersey they wore when they won the 2001 World Series.

The D-Backs also have white and gray home alternate jerseys with Sedona red that incorporates some teal, blending the franchise's two trademark colors.

As you can see in the home alternate jerseys, that snakeskin makes its way from the shoulder down to the back of the jersey. So now the Diamondbacks literally have diamonds on their backs now. Okay, then.

Here are the various hats:

I give the D-Backs credit: They went for a bold design. They could have gone with something more boring and conservative. I don't love the snakeskin design on the shoulders and pant legs, but maybe it'll grow on me.

These are ambitious new looks. No doubt about it.