The Los Angeles Dodgers had a little bit of extra security on the field over the weekend. During Sunday's game against the Los Angeles Angels, a fan ran onto the field at Dodgers Stadium. It was not a security guard who brought the man down. Instead, it was a Dodgers ball girl who made one of the biggest plays of the day.

The Dodgers ball girl was able to stand her ground and the man ran near her and she flipped him over the wall in foul territory where security was able to get a hold of him.

The ball girl's terrific tackle was well-received by the Dodgers fanbase, who let out screams of approval. The fan did do a solid job of evading security on the field before the ball girl entered the fray.

Sunday's game was never in doubt, as the Dodgers defeated the Angels, 8-2, and led the whole way. The ball girl takedown was one of the more exciting moments of the afternoon.

The fan actually may have had a chance to leap back into the stands and make a run for it if it wasn't for the ball girl. However, she ended up making a hit that NFL defenders would've been proud of.

After Sunday's events, this Dodgers ball girl deserves a raise, to say the least.