The Miami Marlins, who are currently hosting MLB's All-Star Game festivities, are up for sale. We know that much. We also know that the league hopes to have a resolution on the sale sooner than later. But after that? Woo wee are things getting messy.

Forbes reported Monday that Miami businessman Jorge Mas was closing in on a deal to purchase the Marlins for $1.17 billion. The Marlins and Mas have since denied such an arrangement is in place, per the Miami Herald:

"There's no agreement reached with anyone," Marlins president David Samson said.

The Mas group indicated they have no agreement to buy the team. Mas remains very interested and has spoken to owner Jeffrey Loria but is still doing due diligence

Jon Heyman of Fanrag Sports reports that Mas is indeed the favorite, and that he's spent the past two nights talking details at the Home Run Derby and All-Star Game with Jeffrey Loria and David Samson. Nonetheless, the two sides are "still talking" and no deal is done.  

Fair enough. Except another report (this one from the New York Post) also surfaced on Tuesday, indicating that Derek Jeter's team was nearing a deal to purchase the Marlins for around $1.2 billion. By the way, Jeter's group now apparently includes NBA legend Michael Jordan (albeit in a small role). Jordan is reported to be one of 15 investors and, according to the Post, he is said to be "kicking in very little cash."

As has been the case with the Jeter bid throughout, things remain very "fluid" to say the least:

While the situation was extremely fluid, Jeter's group, which includes deep-pocketed Naples, Fla., money manager Bruce Sherman, is now seen as the leading contender to buy the money-losing franchise from New York art dealer Jeffrey Loria, sources close to the talks said.

Oh, and Tuesday, the Miami Herald reported that rapper Pitbull had joined Jeb Bush's bid group:

A spokesman for Armando Christian Peréz, best known as the Miami-based rapper Pitbull, confirmed Tuesday that the celebrity is joining the investment group that includes the former Florida governor, a CNBC star, and the son of former presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

Coincidentally, Pitbull performed before Monday's Home Run Derby at Marlins Park.

Like we said, messy stuff. If you read between the lines, though, it appears the Marlins will have their new owners sooner than later.