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Justin Verlander and Sandy Alcantara, the 2022 Cy Young Award winners, were recognized for their seasons on Saturday night at the Baseball Writers' Association of America dinner. There, the two received their respective Cy Young Awards, both of which featured a rather embarrassing misspelling.

Both award plaques that were given out misspelled the word "valuable," instead omitting the second A and recognizing the recipient as the "most valuble pitcher" in baseball. It is not known how the error occurred or if it will be corrected.

It is likely that the mistake was in part due to a change of wording on the Cy Young Award plaque. In previous years, the plaque had read "most outstanding pitcher" before being changed to "most valuable." 

Justin Verlander won his third Cy Young Award for the AL in 2022, joining Clayton Kershaw and Max Scherzer among active players to have won the award three or more times. Meanwhile, Alcantara won his first Cy Young Award in the NL, becoming the third NL pitcher in a row to win for the first time. Alcantara joins Trevor Bauer and Corbin Burnes in that category.