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During the Mets-Cardinals spring training game in Port Lucie, Florida on Sunday, Mets infielder Luis Guillorme worked an incredible 22-pitch walk in the fifth inning. Much to the excitement of the Mets dugout, Guillorme accomplished the feat against hard-throwing righty Jordan Hicks, who threw 10 99-plus mph (six of those were 100+ mph) pitches during the plate appearance.

The longest official plate appearance in MLB history belongs to the Giants' Brandon Belt at 21 pitches in 2018. Pitch counts have been on record since 1988 and do not include spring training stats, per Sarah Langs of But Guillorme's plate appearance is one of the longest (if not, the longest) in MLB history.

Here's the entire at-bat for your viewing pleasure:

And, here's the breakdown of the 22-pitch at-bat:

1. Called Strike - 99.8 mph sinker
2. Swinging Strike - 89.2 mph slider
3. Foul - 99.1 mph sinker
4. Foul - 87.7 mph slider 
5. Ball  - 100.2 mph sinker
6. Foul - 100.2 mph sinker
7. Foul - 99.6 mph sinker
8. Foul - 86.8 mph slider
9. Foul - 90.9 slider
10. Foul - 86.6 mph slider
11. Ball - 99.1 sinker
12. Ball - 100.4 mph sinker
13. Foul - 90.4 mph changeup
14. Foul - 83.2 mph slider
15. Foul - 100.3 mph sinker
16. Foul - 90.8 mph changeup
17. Foul - 101.3 mph sinker
18. Foul - 91.9 mph slider 
19. Foul - 87.9 mph slider
20. Foul - 101.4 mph sinker
21. Foul - 87.8 mph slider
22. Ball - 84.9 mph slider

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And the aforementioned dugout excitement:

For Hicks, that was actually his Grapefruit league debut and first live, in-game at-bat since June 22, 2019. The 24-year-old Hicks underwent Tommy John surgery that summer and opted out of the 2020 season. The hard-throwing righty owned the 21 fastest pitches thrown during the 2019 season, with the top pitch at 104.3 miles per hour. Hicks also sports one of the best sinkers in the game.

Guillorme, meanwhile, was drafted by the Mets in the 10th round of the 2013 MLB Draft and he's played 109 games across three seasons (2018-19) for the Mets. His patience and grit to make it through a 22-pitch at-bat for a walk could be a sign of more good things to come as he continues to build his case to be an everyday player.

"I'm just happy I ended up with the walk," Guillorme said after Sunday's game. "Because if I would've gotten out that would've been not fun for me, all that work for nothing."

The way things stand in the Mets depth chart for 2021, J.D. Davis is still expected to handle third base, but Mets manager Luis Rojas has used Guillorme at the hot corner when they have a ground ball pitcher on the mound (like Marcus Stroman) during spring training. In 2020, Guillorme played nine games at second, four at third and three at shortstop. He recorded an impressive slash line of .333/.426/.439 in 29 games (68 plate appearances).