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New York Mets owner Steve Cohen's Thanksgiving Eve is not off to the greatest start. The St. Louis Cardinals have reportedly reached an agreement with starting pitcher Steven Matz. The deal reportedly is for four years and worth $44 million.

Matz is from New York and pitched for the Mets prior to the 2021 regular season (which he spent with the Blue Jays.) Cohen took to Twitter on Wednesday morning to share that he is not thrilled about Matz' decision because he was under the impression that the lefty was going to reunite with the Mets. The Mets owner specifically called out Matz' agent, Rob Martin.

Here's what Cohen had to say:

"I'm not happy this morning . I've never seen such unprofessional behavior exhibited by a player's agent.I guess words and promises don't matter."

Martin responded on Twitter, writing, "We are aware of Mr. Cohen's tweet. It's unfortunate that he chose to take his frustrations to Twitter. I will not do the same, and instead take the high road which is consistent with both my character and the character of our client."

Here's Martin's entire statement:

So far, this is all Cohen has said on social media about the matter. He has not liked or replied to any tweets about the free agent's current situation. However, Joel Sherman of the New York Post spoke to Cohen and shared some quotes the Mets owner gave him on the matter.

According to Cohen, he was told the Mets were "Matz' first choice" in free agency.

"Just talked to Steve Cohen on the phone. He was angered that the Mets were pursued by Matz and his agent -- not vice versa -- and told the NYM were Matz's first choice, that there was unfinished business with the NYM and he wanted to return," Sherman tweeted.

Cohen added that he is not upset with Matz, who was "a good Met," but rather "the interaction with the agent."

Former Marlins president David Samson discussed Cohen's tweet on Wednesday's Nothing Personal with David Samson. Listen below:

The Mets traded Matz to Toronto before the start of the 2021 season. The Mets drafted Matz, who is now 30, out of high school.