MLB fans are getting more than one home run derby this season. The league announced the launch of MLB Home Run Derby X on Wednesday, a new event that is slated to go on a global tour with stops in London, Seoul and Mexico City in 2022. Home Run Derby X will feature former MLB stars, including Adrian Gonzalez, Jonny Gomes, Geovany Soto and Nick Swisher competing as part of teams on a "reduced version of a baseball field."

The four teams competing represent four MLB oldest franchises: the Red Sox, the Cubs, the Dodgers and the Yankees.

"Inspired by the success and simplicity of the Home Run Derby the day before the MLB All-Star Game, Home Run Derby X has been developed with the goal of attracting a new audience to baseball; creating high-energy live event experiences and opportunities for digital storytelling," an MLB press release read.

In each event, there will be points up for grabs from both an offensive and defensive standpoint. Each batter has an at-bat that consists of 25 pitches while two of their opponents will be playing in the outfield. A home run is worth one point while a catch in the outfield is also worth a point. There will also be additional ways to score, such as target hits and batters hitting consecutive home runs.

To make it all stand out event more, home plate will be mounted on a stage and the pitcher's mound will be placed on a podium. Each team will feature people from four different categories:

  • MLB legend
  • Superstar: Players who hail from the world of softball and women's baseball.
  • Rookie: Players from the men's baseball development system
  • Wild Card: "Influential content creators."

The global tour will be traveling to London on July 9, Seoul on Sept. 17 and Mexico City on Oct. 15

The four different teams will participate in a bracket format at each of the events in various cities. There will also be a leaderboard that helps determine seeds for the final event of the Tour.