The Giants are nearly a month removed from having their postseason run ended by a faulty bullpen -- a condition that plagued them throughout the regular season as well, likely costing them the division title.

Predictably, general manager Bobby Evans has designs to keep the 2017 Giants from the same fate. That means, for the time being anyway, meeting with free-agent closer Aroldis Chapman's representatives:

Chapman is simultaneously one of the most and least desirable free-agent options available.

There's no doubting Chapman's on-field value. Though he'll play next season at 29, he's already established himself as one of his era's best relievers. Over the last three seasons he's averaged 59 innings, 35 saves, and roughly 16 strikeouts per nine innings. Chapman's freakish flexibility permits him maximum separation between his shoulders and hips during his delivery, resulting in the kind of velocity that inspires "Chapman filters" on fastest pitch leaderboards.

Add in how Chapman won't require draft-pick compensation -- he was traded in-season, remember -- and you can see why the Giants and other teams would be interested in his services.

Yet you can also understand why teams -- or at least fans -- would rather steer clear. Chapman was suspended for 30 games to begin last season because of his involvement in a domestic incident. Specifically, Chapman fired his gun multiple times in his garage after a dispute with his mother's child.

To recap: great pitcher with less-than-great off-field history. This being baseball, we know which side will win out.