The Dodgers have had a few weeks since their NLCS defeat to review their season, figure out where things went wrong, and -- perhaps most importantly -- improve for next year.

One of the solutions the Dodgers seemingly picked? Trading everywhere-fielder Howie Kendrick. At least, the Dodgers are venturing down that route, according to Ken Rosenthal:

The Dodgers are exploring a trade of Kendrick, who grew frustrated with his role last season, according to major-league sources.

Kendrick is entering the final season of his contract, during which he'll make a cool $10 million. He's coming off an uncharacteristically poor campaign, as his 90 OPS+ was the lowest he'd ever produced over a full season. Blame the drop in production on a deflated batting average and a lack of secondary skills, but give Kendrick this much: It was the first year he'd been deployed in an unusual role -- one that saw him primarily stand out in left field, but also receive reps at first, second and third base.

Apparently Kendrick was none too happy about that development, and presumably none too happy about being phased out in favor of Andrew Toles late in the year. And so here we are, with Rosenthal naming the Phillies and Angels as interested parties. The Phillies likely view Kendrick as a potential left field stopgap and in-season trade candidate, while the Angels could slot him back in at the keystone as they attempt to avoid wasting another year of Mike Trout.