The Chicago White Sox lost at home on Saturday night to the lowly Kansas City Royals. Worry not about the collective spirit of the good people of Chicago, though, because they witnessed one of the most memorable ceremonial first pitches in recent memory.

It was Marian Catholic School night at Guaranteed Rate Field, and that resulted in Sister Mary Jo Sobieck throwing out the first pitch. Nuns aren't known for partaking in bullpen sessions, yet Sister Mary looked like an old pro on the mound, delivering an almost perfect pitch:

We're not willing to call it perfect because the pitch was low and would've been called a ball by any umpire who takes the separation of church and baseball seriously. Sorry, Sister. 

Then again, maybe the framing attempt would've convinced the umpire the pitch was indeed in the zone. His will shall be done and whatnot. Sometimes that leads to a nun getting the veteran's call.