Baltimore Orioles relief pitcher Miguel Castro had a terrifying experience on Tuesday that left him fearing for his life. He posted on Instagram that he was robbed at gunpoint in the Dominican Republic at his training facility. He was able to get away safely after one of the robbers' gun jammed. 

Here is how the 25-year-old explained the situation on the social media post, translated into English:

"I almost lost my career because of two ignorant people who jumped (robbed) at me when I was going to practice. They took my chain and they almost shot me. Thanks to god's mercy the gun didn't work and today I am alive. This has to stop, they took my chain and they wanted to kill me. This has to stop. This can't be. You go to practice and try to help and look how these two jumped at me, took my chain and wanted to shoot me. Enough is enough."

The Orioles released a statement from EVP and General Manager Mike Elias that said, "We are in contact with Miguel Castro regarding today's incident in La Romana, DR and we are very thankful that he is safe."

Ballengee Group, where Castro's agents are employed, also released a statement about what occurred. According to Joe Trezza of their release read, "Miguel is safe. He is shaken. He feels extremely blessed and fortunate to still be alive and thanks everyone for their support. He will continue to support his country and use his platform to be a role model."

Castro joined the Orioles in 2017. Last season in his 65 appearances the right handed picture went 1-3 and had a 4.66 ERA.