The Phillies whipped the Mets on Wednesday night (PHI 6, NYM 0), just a night after the Mets whipped the Phillies. In that Tuesday night affair, Mets reliever Jacob Rhame raised Philly hackles by twice going up and in on slugger Rhys Hoskins. Here's the scarier of the two: 

That's dangerous stuff, and regardless of whether it was intentional (Rhame has walked five batters in 3 1/3 innings this season) Hoskins' anger is quite understandable. 

Speaking of Hoskins' anger, it was presumably still intact when he faced Rhame again on Tuesday night. You're about to see Hoskins homer off Rhame. That's not a spoiler because the real star of the show is Hoskins' luxuriating home run trot: 

Yeah, that was an act of vengeful savoring on the part of Hoskins. The relevant digits on not the home run itself, but rather the trot: 

#RevengeTrot administered.

"Nah, he got me," Rhame said, via Anthony DiComo. "Make a better pitch, he doesn't get to run the bases." He added that Hoskins was doing "his job man, he hit the bomb."

That concludes this particular round of NL East hostilities -- the Phillies avoided the sweep -- but the Phils and the Mets get together 13 more times in 2019. Developing!