Rangers outfielder Nomar Mazara hit his 10th home run of the season Friday night and, well, that's all the box score is going to tell you about the shot. We all know that doesn't really tell the whole story by now and boy, did "home run" shortchange Mazara on this colossal blast: 

The so-called "Statcast era" goes back to 2015, when MLB started tracking data like exit velocity and launch angle in order to project how far home runs would have flown if the stands didn't get into the way. That means this is the fifth season, so it's a really small sample in terms of baseball history, but it's also an awful lot of home runs. In this small era, no one has hit a ball farther than Mazara, according to Statcast: 

Man, 505 feet. That's absurd. I know the really high shots are more majestic, but keep in mind how hard Mazara hit that thing and it was at least somewhat on a line. Look how hard it bounced up to the top row. I can't say whether I always buy into the exact figures, but that was freaking destroyed. 

Of note, Mazara might have had some help. Rangers beat writers were commenting during the game that screens to prevent excessive winds in left-center field had recently taken some storm damage, such as Levi Weaver of The Athletic with this picture (look just to our right of the upper deck): 

Regardless, this has been a prodigious home run and those are to be enjoyed, so quit being so cynical and just enjoy it.