MLB and the MLBPA officially ratified the new collective bargaining agreement, which covers the 2017-21 seasons, earlier this week. Baseball's unprecedented run of labor peace with stretch to 26 years.

Details of the new CBA are still trickling in and will continue to do so for weeks. One of the newest wrinkles, according to ESPN's Jayson Stark, requires more early start times to make travel easier. Getaway day scheduling is now required whenever a team will has a flight of at least 2 1/2 hours after the game.

Here are some more details from Stark:

Sources told ESPN that the getaway-day changes will apply if a team has a game -- or even an off day at home -- the next day.

The new rules also will prohibit teams from scheduling an early-afternoon game the following day if one of the clubs played a night game in a different city the evening before.

Players have been complaining about the travel schedule for years and years. I know it sounds like a first world problem, and it is when you're flying on charters and staying in world class hotels, but playing a night game in one city, traveling all night, then playing another game in another city the next day wears you down. It's a grind.

More day games and early starts are coming to baseball next season. USATSI

The big positive to come out of the new scheduling rules is that players will, in theory, be better rested (and healthier!), which means they'll be more productive on the field. Teams won't have to rest their stars as often, which leads to a better and more entertaining game. As a fan, that's awesome.

Also, day games are great and we'll get more of those. Can't beat afternoon baseball under a bright blue sky.